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The pre-modern Korean popular music first appeared in the 1930s, heavily influenced by Japanese popular songs, Since Japan required the colonial administration in Korea to restrict all forms of artistic expression, Koreans had little opportunity to create their own modern genre. In the 1950s and 1960s, the musical performances organized by U.S. forces in and around the American military bases in South Korea provided South Koreans with examples of modern music. And soon had several genres, which consisted of girl & boy bands which appeal lay mostly in their appearance.
Cho Yong Pil
In 1970s, rock music was introduced into South Korea, mainly popularized by Cho Yong Pil. Which also became a main genre in pop music. But the turning point came with the group Seo Taiji and Boys in the 1992, which changed the popular music, as the group incorporated elements of American popular musical genres such as rap , rock, and techno into its music.

Seo Taiji and Boys

The tremendous success of Seo Taiji and Boys in South Korea and other experimental groups, such as Panic, set the trend for the present generation of K-pop groups and artists. Following Seo Taiji and Boys, dance-oriented acts became dominant in the South Korean popular music scene of the early 90s including the legendary hip hop duo Deux (듀스). By the mid-90s, Seo Taiji and Boys retired from South Korea's pop music scene.

After that, teen idol groups that are now often considered "legendary groups" due to their strong popularity during their era, such as Baby V.O.X., Fin.K.L., g.o.d, H.O.T., Shinhwa, Sechs Kies, S.E.S., Solid, and R.ef were very popular, having strong fanbases and high-selling albums (with some groups having a "million seller", an album selling over one million copies).
Starting with the break-up of Sechs Kies, however, most of these groups have since disbanded. Although some artists have continued their successes in the following decade, new groups (most notably TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Epik High, SHINee, SS501, Girls' Generation) have since taken their places. Currently, in the 2000s, pop groups are still very popular although there has been an emergence of South Korean R&B and Hip-Hop. Artists such as MC Mong, 1TYM, Rain, Big Bang and Epik High have proven successful.
Drunken Tiger

Underground artists such as Drunken Tiger, Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae), and Dynamic Duo have also helped Hip-Hop become mainstream. Recently, rock music has become noticed by the public, with acts such as the Yoon Do Hyun Band and Seo Taiji gaining national recognition. In addition, there are also popular techno/dance artists such as Lee Jung Hyun and Kim Hyun Jung, who both have had very long careers while remaining firmly entrenched in their genre of music. Just as well, ballads and R&B have remained popular, as singers such as Baek Ji Young and KCM, in addition to SG Wannabe, have continued their success for many years.


But adding to last are the more famous international band such as BoA which became the higest selling international artist thanks to the blooming J-pop culture from South Korea. But also artists such as Rain, Rain has also had his international RAINY DAY 2005 Tour, having tour dates at Madison Square Garden, the first South Korean star to do so. He has been also recently featured in Hollywood films.