Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Angura Kei the types of J-rock.

Visual Kei

Is a fashion who was created back in the early 80's, which mainly was brought by the well known band X-Japan. Which was created back in the middle of the 80's, but diden't get it's major notice till the 90's when bands such as Glay , L'Arc-en-ciel and Kuroyume took up is style.

This style mainly concepts on the visual effect of the theme they pick. Which can be some what a feminine side(which is really popular in male Visual kei perspectiv), and many famous bands are in this perspectives. Mana from Malice Mizer is one known figure, which now days plays in Moi dix mois.

Tough most bands in this usally are males, but later years there to has been female bands such as Exist†trace. But to this most fans in this music is mainly girls. Best way to define this look is probly mostley by is make-up, hairstyles and there gothic cloths, pretty much filling up there naughty or bad characters.

Another thing whichs is quite common in this, is that if a group changes is record company they usally change style to fit in for the larger audience to.

Example bands to this: Miyavi, Versailles , X-japan & Glay.

Oshare Kei

Is the more happy version to the Visual Kei, much of it is pretty much cute subjects. It also contains alot of the most cutting edge fashion today as is main perspectiv and also by so is seen to be the most fashionable of the three.

Example bands to this: An Cafe, Panic Channel, SuG, LM.C & Ayabie.

Angura Kei

Is pretty close to the visual kei and usally referred to it as is easier. But is basicly the metal version of rock. Is a bit more ruff in is ways and dark concepts. And the main concepts are pretty much black cloths, spikes, modern hairstyles and alot of dark make-up. Many compare them to goths of daily standards.

Example bands to this: MUCC, Sadie, Girugamesh & Dir en grey.

Well here was a little info about the diffrent kei's, But hope you like it even if is not much it should giva a little better understanding!

(And don't wanna bore you with to much with long facts and schematics.)


Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome! to JaRock, where here I will present you with the world of Asian Music, Anime, J-rock, J-Pop & K-Pop or whatever you can find in this little loving tune filled world.

Also Check out the link on the side, Jap-On.com is a really nice forum in the lines of anime music & J-music, I spend alot of time there to, so if you can't find me here you will for sure find me there. ^^

So Stay tuned, for the Journey is about to begin!